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Everyone deserves to live in a place that reflects their personality, character and their deep down desire to feel proud when they say that 4-letter word.

No not that one. "HOME"...


What Happens Everyday at FLIPBAMA

FLIPBAMA acquires houses that others have all but given up on. Designed by our talented craftsmen & craftswomen, the houses become recharged and enlivened. Inspired and spirited, dreams and wishes come true. We enrich the houses to become those much sought after "Forever Homes" of the South. 

In the picture to the right is Tennessee Distillery flooring. The Hard Pine will be re-purposed and make a great addition to the kitchen in our next home. 

From the footings to the roof we rebuilt this home with a loving family in mind.


This 1925 house is under-going so much more than a face-lift. It has great bones and a few stories to tell with items found in the walls.  

Check back for updates & pictures on our Scoop Tag or add your email as we love to keep in touch. 

We are underway will a full team effort to enliven our Flipbama House to Home. 

Its so much fun to bring this once treasured property back to life. 


Stay in touch to follow our next creation of a House to a Home Project, that will feature weekly tradesman tips and our new Flipbama Blog. 

From the roof to the basement level, we have updated 

every area of our Gem. 

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